Monday, August 24, 2009

And then there were 5!

Our precious little baby finally arrived!!!!
Clint is outnumbered! Although most people were sure it was a boy, Brinley and Trail got a little sister!!!! Brielle C Sampson (Her middle initial is for both Grandma's, Celinda and Cindy) arrived Friday August 21st at 12:39am. She weighed 8lbs and was 20in. She has tons of dark curly hair!! She looks a lot like Brinley did when she was born! I realized you have to be careful what you wish for. I was telling my Mom I wanted my water to break just so I would know I was in labor for sure and I wanted a faster labor than the 8 hours of my other 2. Sorry but every new mom has to share their story so here it is! Well Thursday night I went grocery shopping even though Clint said he would go in the morning, I just felt like I should get it done. Clint went hunting, so my friend Kari kindly watched the kids so I could go shopping. It's a good thing because when I got home and was putting groceries away I started getting contractions. With lots of urging from Clint (I didn't want to get sent home) we left for the hospital at 11:30pm and got to the hospital at 12:05. By that time my contractions had been 2 minutes apart for a while. I was dialated to a 6 1/2 cm. Not long after my water broke (wow that was scary) and I was an 8 1/2. I was anxiously asking for an epidural, but I had to have an IV first. Not long after my water broke I had the nurse check again and I was at 10 cm. Needless to say I didn't have time for an epidural, the doctor (mine was out of town so it was the on call doctor, but I didn't really care) walked in with his wranglers and carhartt shirt got his 2nd glove on and she was her. Once she decided to come she flew out! Clint screamed "It's a girl, it's a girl!!!" We are so lucky she is here and healthy. She gets lots of attention from Brinley and Trail! What a blessing and miracle!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trail's the birthday boy!!!!

My baby boy turned 2 today!!! Time flies that is for sure!!!! He is no longer that chubby cheeked baby. He is a BIG BOY! It's been so fun to reflect back on the day he was born. My kids birthdays have been so emotional for me, it makes me so thankful for the opportunity to be a mother! He loves cowboys so it seemed fitting to give him a cowboy birthday. Clint had a great idea to bring Dollar, the horse to his party. (They have horses for work that he uses a lot, so he brought one of those) Trail got a special ride with his Dad! I even tried my hand at a horse cake. I'm just thankful that is resembled a horse. He was such a cute little cowboy! I can't believe he is 2!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girls Trip to Grand Junction, CO

So I knew I was pushing it when I wanted to go on a trip so close to my due date, but I was in DESPERATE need of a break. You start to realize that your life will not be your own for a while with a new baby. Not that it is a bad thing, I'm super excited!!! After approval from my doctor, my friends and I decided to make a girl's trip. Can I just tell you that I came back so rejuvenated??? My friends Kari and Jamie who just happen to be sisters and I went with their Mom, sister Katie and their almost sister in law, Natalie. They have taken me in as another one of the girls! Let me tell you I am SUPER BLESSED to have them!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun shopping!!! We also splurged and went to Olive Garden, Cold Stone and Red Lobster! What an awesome trip! Clint was super supportive and although I missed them, it was great to be just me!!!

Home Sweet Home

In the 2 years we have lived in our home it has definitely come a long way. With one project at a time it is becoming more like we want it to be. In the past few months we got an outlet outside thanks to my Dad, we also removed a HUGE dead tree that was hanging over part of our house. What a relief to have that gone! Then my sweet mother in law came out to spend some time with us a few weeks ago and helped me achieve more projects. We started painting our house and our new shed. She is an amazing woman! We also added new shutters (we made them ourselves and saved $136-gotta love a deal) which I think make it seem more cozy and inviting. Clint still has a little to finish the paint on the house, but it looks amazing! What a blessing to have a nice place to call home! As I sit at 2 1/2 weeks (yes I have to get the 1/2 in there) away from the arrival of our new baby it feels great to have these projects done or almost complete! We will definitely keep you posted on our new addition! I am hoping for the baby to come sooner than later of course, but we will see!