Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More PINK for the Sampson's

Our newest sweet Baby girl!
Her cute little hand down by her leg, I love that I can count her fingers
I know this is an interesting pic, but Clint says she's already talking like a girl!

Yesterday we had our big ultrasound to find out what our new baby will be. My friend told me that it is amazing how this one piece of information can change your whole life. We were both excited and nervous, Clint said more than with the others. We were surprised with Brielle and it was so exciting when she came out to hear Clint yelling, "It's a girl, It's a girl, we have a little girl!" He said he had to be prepared this time in case it was another girl. My doctor at first said he wasn't 100% but thought it was a boy and we were super excited, but not holding our breath. So our expectation was that it could be a boy! We were shocked yesterday to find out that we are having our 3rd baby girl!!!!! Brinley and I are so excited and we had bet the boys yesterday at breakfast that we were having a girl. Clint, Trail and Brielle thought it was a boy. I guess my motherly intuition was right, it's nice to know that works sometimes. When we were expecting Brinley, Clint's sister Jessica said that she couldn't see him having any girls and here we are. Poor Clint gets to deal with more pink and emotional girls. He says they just make you soft. He is a great Dad! At least he has Trail to tag along on scouting trips and hunts. Brinley does like to go fishing too. I told Clint I needed to go buy something pink now we know for sure! I do love pink, hairbows, cute little dresses and the girls have both had lots of curly hair, so hears hoping the heartburn is for something.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh how life changes.....

Dad's little sidekick, he loves to go to work with Dad when he can!

She loves to pretend to go to school, I especially love her clothes!
Hunting season is coming closer to an end and I feel like I can actually breath. Quite a few things have changed in our life since I last posted. Trail turned 4, Brielle turned 2, Brinley started Kindergarten and I actually survived, I cried when I put her on the bus, but she was happy as could be. Clint and I went to New Mexico for 9 days without the kids in July(it was a lot harder on me, than them. They stayed with Clint's parents and were spoiled). We were able to help with the International Youth Hunter Education challenge there which was a BLAST! We were able to meet people from many places all over the US. But the biggest change is that Brielle is going to be a BIG SISTER!!!! We are expecting our 4th baby in the end of April!!!! We are all super excited! This baby definitely doesn't want to be forgotten, I had morning sickness which I have not had before. I was reminded everyday that we had a 4th baby coming!! Luckily at 16 weeks I am over that and life is a lot brighter! I died my hair a dark brown with red in it. It is hard to get used to, but I love the change. Clint also added a huge addition to our house in September when he killed a 348 7/8 Bull Elk in the Book Cliffs. He was/is super happy about it. He had been putting in for it for 17 years, so it was a dream come true! I told him it was like I am when I have babies, he was telling everyone it's size and when he killed it, it was really funny! Boys and hunting!!! We are looking forward to the holidays and the excitement of our new baby!!!