Saturday, July 7, 2012

There's been a party going on...

We have had a lot to celebrate. Between dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday we feed 93 people! Might as well go big! We went through around 9 + gallons of drink, 20 + lbs of chicken, 2 cobblers, 2 dutch ovens one with Clint's killer beans and one with his awesome potatoes. A Sampson size serving bowl of fruit. Lots of Hamburgers, hot dogs and hot links and a bunch of fillers in between. Then why not do dinner on the 4th (not quite the crowd) and then Clint's birthday was on the 5th so why not have another get together.

We were so thankful to be able to share so many wonderful occasions with our family and friends. All of my family made the trek from Idaho and a huge portion of Clint's family were able to make it also. On Sunday we blessed Taylee Grace, she was so beautiful. Trail kept telling me how beautiful she looked in her dress. (During my pregnancy I was needing a project so I decided to make Taylee's blessing dress. I made Brinley's and someone gave one for Brielle. Being the sentimental person I am I decided they each needed their own special dress. (We'll see how many girls we end up having =)
It was a super fun project and even more exciting to see the cute little baby I pictured as I made it. She gave me the biggest smile when I put it on her and that was worth it all right there. Clint gave her a wonderful blessing and it was awesome to see all of the men in our family surrounding our sweet baby girl.

Life has been very busy with 4 kids, Taylee makes sure she is LOUD and clear so that we know she is here. She has been smiling a ton and just started laughing which is much better than the cries that she would grace us with every night at the beginning. I like the smiles much better! She loves attention and loves to lay on the ground and kick and "talk" Brinley, Trail and Brielle love her (a little too much sometimes) They are growing so fast. I am so thankful for them.

                                                You can see real dinosaur bones in the background.
                                         The kids all became Jr. Rangers and learned all about dinosaurs

My sister and her family were able to stay for a week which kept us very busy. My sister is super creative and had us plan something fun everyday. I miss not having them around!I love and am thankful for the support that our family gives us, even if we live so far away.