Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tis the Season....

It is no secret that Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the music, lights, the anticipation and being with family. You can feel a difference in the air! Clint knew how much I loved Christmas time and decided to make it even more special by proposing on Christmas Eve 2005. It was a huge surprise!!! The night before he had jokingly put on bow and tag on me that said "To: Clint" Little did I know what he had up his sleeve. Wow have things changed since then! We went up in the mountain with some friends to cut down our Christmas tree. Trail & Brinley loved it! It is so fun to see them having fun! Trail kept falling over with all the weight of his snow suit, but it was so adorable I couldn't help but get a few pictures! I'm so excited for this Christmas, they kids are so excited. Brinley will come up to me and say, "Mom I want to tell you a secret. Santa's going to bring me a bag with a puppy!!!" Everything is brighter through your children's eyes! Trail doesn't know what to expect but I'm sure it won't take long for him to figure it out! Wahoo, it's Christmas time!!!!!

Our handsome little boy and precious little princess!

So I think every Mom has a hard time letting their little kids grow up. Trail has started his transformation to a little boy and not my baby anymore. It has taken me a while to give him a little boy hair cut, but he was getting pretty shaggy so this morning I cut it. He did really good. A sucker and Dad's lap was all he needed to sit still. He is such a fun little boy! He loves balls!!!!! He even takes one to bed and gets upset if you don't get it out for him! He is definitely a Momma's Boy which I love. (Most of the time that is) He is such a blessing! His smile can brightened the darkest days!

Brinley is such a big girl! She reminds me of that everyday. She has been potty trained for a year! Wow, isnt' that the best?? She is getting so tall! It is hard to keep her in pants. She is so skinny though that if they aren't highwaters, they drown her little waist! She is such a big helper! She is so mothering! When someone gets hurt she always tries to help. She even kisses my owies, even though they have been better for quite a while. She loves to dress up and rough Dad up when she gets the chance! We love her very much! I am so thankful for the ability to have 2 beautiful children in our family. Each one is such a treasure!