Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet baby Taylee Grace

                                                             Right before we left for the hospital
                                                              Beautiful fruits of my labor!!!!

Taylee Grace was born April 25th at 2:09pm. She weighed in at 8lbs 3 oz 20 in long. My doctor had tempted me and we set to be induced on Wednesday morning (he was going to be out of town this week and let's face it I was ready to have her) Randomly when we got here I was already in labor, so he just broke my water. It was a huge blessing because I had wanted to just go on my own. I was going to try to go natural like I did with Brielle (which wasn't on purpose). Once I was in labor I remembered how much pain it was and decided I didn't need to be brave for anyone. It was a breeze to get the epidural and the relief was AMAZING!!!!( I feel just as good as I did after I had Brielle too). I started feeling more pain and when they came to check I was ready to go. Clint told them I go fast when I start pushing, so they called the doctor. They told me to stop pushing after 2 contractions and wait for the doctor, you could hear him running down the hall. He got his gloves on and she was here. It was a WONDERFUL experience. Clint said he couldn't believe it because I was talking through the whole thing. She is so precious and looks just like Brielle. She totally fits in our family. The kids came and saw her last night and were in love! Clint says she has a Sampson size appetite. I am so thankful she is here. I love being able to breathe and move!!! Food tastes AMAZING, I told Clint I don't have to worry about heartburn and am LOVING food! It's nice to have an appetite back!  We feel so blessed to have such a beautiful healthy baby!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Day!

Trail Brinley and Brielle (in her new princess chair the Easter bunny gave her)
My sweet girls, I can't wait to have another girl in my arms! (The hugs and girl time totally make up for the emotional drama we enjoy=)
The Sampson 5 (soon to be 6)
My boys! Good think Clint has a boy, they stick together!
Trail loves to hug the baby and has for a long time, he is super cute with babies!

Thought I would share some happy pictures of the Sampson's. We are thankfully doing much better. Brinley started in sick the other day, but for fear of another hospital stay we took her right in and got her started on breathing treatments again, which made her feel so much better! It is amazing how kids can bounce back. We are extremely thankful for good insurance!!!!!!!!

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest addition! Poor Clint has had quite the honey do list with my nesting! 20 days til I'm due, but who's counting. We made a countdown chain (pink and purple of course) so the kids can understand more how much longer til she comes. I'm feeling super pregnant (for obvious reasons) but also very thankful for the ability to carry and have children. I think back (7 years when we weren't sure if I would be able to have children of our own) What a priceless blessing to be expecting baby #4! Even with the constant heartburn, many trips to the bathroom day and night, kicks to my ribs, bladder and hip, and all the other unpleasant things at the end of pregnancy. I'm thankful for the movement that lets me know she is doing well and the thoughts of holding our precious daughter in my arms!

One perk of Clint's job is he gets to take Trail with him sometimes. He was super excited to go yesterday. He always tries to trick me about them going out to eat, his little smirk doesn't trick me though. He loves to shoot his bow and we have been going for LOTS of bike rides (especially because Brinley just got a new bike (she outgrew her last one). Brielle is a sweet girl and makes her Dad laugh. When I ask her for a love she will say, "Sorry, Daddy took them all" Brinley loves school, has lost 2 teeth so far, and can read. The other day she wanted to read to me and she put me to sleep (Brought back memories of doing that to my Mom) So she had a nap too! We love all of our kids and the joy they bring to our life.