Friday, July 2, 2010

What a life this is....

My Dad's Mom!
Trail was telling Clint how big his fish was!
My beautiful sister Angie with Brielle
Angie, my Mom Celinda, me and my sis in law Tangi
Sarah Jane at her baptism
More cousins, some random girl got in our picture, Sharlie, Lincoln, Trail and Brinley

Our 10 month old Brielle!
A very tired, hurt Clint

Life has been crazy at the Sampson house. We were able to go to Idaho to visit family for my cute niece Sarah's baptism. There is nothing like family time! I love being able to share special moments with them. My family had a belated birthday party. My sister Angie makes amazing cakes and I was so excited to see the BEAUTIFUL cake she made for me. It was great to be with family!!!

On Saturday Clint had to work all night, when he came home Sunday morning he was helping feed Brielle before we went to church. By the picture you can see he wasn't tons of help. I sent him to bed and when we got back from church we ended up in the ER with him. He had fallen at work and hurt his arm and when he woke up he could hardly move it. He is usually hard to convince to go to the Doctor. We got him in and sure enough it was broken. He broke the radial bone right below his elbow, it is in a sling right now and we have an appointment Wednesday to see if he has to have surgery. As I was moving the lawn (we own about a 1/2 acre and only have a push mower) and tilling the garden I quickly realized my summer just got a LOT busier. I'm have been praying everyday to have the strength to do what is needed of me. I am so thankful for the power I have received! I have always earned TONS of gratitude for what Clint does, walking in his shoes has opened my eyes!

I am so thankful for healthy children and a beautiful place to live! There is beauty all around us (and lots of mosquitos and gnats - not so good) Happy 4th!!!