Monday, March 2, 2009

Never Underestimate Your Child

Can I just say my kids never cease to amaze me? About a month ago Brinley started telling me my belly was getting bigger with my baby inside. I told her that it wasn't nice to tell people they had a big belly and went on with my day. She kept bringing it up. I was having problems and worried that we might not be able to have more kids. Interestingly I finally went to the doctor and sure enough our little sweetheart was more in tune with the Spirit. Nothing was wrong, we are EXPECTING #3. Congrats Grandma & Papa!!! I figured I better tell before Brinley spilled the beans!!!! We are super excited, but I don't think anyone is as excited as Brinley. She talks to the baby every morning!!!! She got to come with us this morning to get the ultrasound. The doctor thought I was probably 6-8 weeks. The ultrasound was a little shocking when we didn't just see a peanut, we saw a baby. We are 15 weeks and due August 24th. 11 days after Trail turns 2. I am so thankful for the blessing of another sweet baby in our family! It is just another testament that Heavenly Father knows us and will bless us in His time!