Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Honey Do list and coupons...

Clint says I am a Crazy Coupon Lady these days. I will tell you when you can get all of this stuff for $6 you would become a Crazy Coupond Lady too. I love it. It gives me a hobby and I save money at the same time is something I love to do.

Our old faucet had to go. The kids couldn't turn it on, so know I have the opposite problem they like to turn it on all the time. =)

We stained the Pergola Clint made me last year for my birthday!!!

Oh blessed tile! I have had this tile sitting in my storage closet for almost 4 years. I'm so happy to have a big area of tile. It used to be ugly brown and tiny. Thanks to Clint and our friend Larry for putting it in. It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Good things truly come to those who wait!

I have kept Clint busy lately with projects around the house. He has been a trooper! It has been awesome to get a lot of things done. (Some of which have been on my list since we bought the house almost 4 years ago. Slowly but surely they get done.

May Day --- Thank goodness for Grandma....

During nap time I found Brinley and Trail reading together. Precious moments!

Playing with Grandma. Look at that cute little hospital gown....

Playing in the waiting room before
Poor little Brielle had to get tubes in her ears. I think it was more traumatic for me than her. The nurses were so sweet and nurturing to her. The red star sunglasses helped a lot too. Luckily my Mom came to help though because the morning we went to take Brielle to the hospital Clint got REALLY sick. I was so thankful she was there to go with me for emotional support. They had just barely come down to deliver our new fridge I inherited when my Grandma passed away. She was so nice to make the 8-9 hour adventure to help me again.

Kids 'helping' with the cake.... that is what happens when there are 14 kids around one cake

A long awaited present, I've wanted this for a while now. It is SUPER fun and the kids LOVE it!

It's true I'm a another year older. When we asked Brin she said I was 16 (isn't that nice) and Trail said 4. Clint was so sweet and threw a suprise party for me. It sure was a suprise! As my friend and I drove up to our house I was so embarrassed - I had my grubby clothes, no makeup and an easy hair do. Hadn't got ready for the day. At least the house was clean! He had a great BBQ waiting. He knows I LOVE to be suprised and finds lots of opportunities to do so!

Brinley helping Papa with a project around the house

The kids with my Mom, enjoying being spoiled!!!!

We got a turkey! (Don't look if you don't like dead stuff)

Clint -"Tina, I might've spent some money today."

Tina -"oh Yeah, What did you buy?"

Clint -"I totally bought a turkey tag and just shot a huge turkey"

So any of you that knew me growing up know I hated seeing dead animals, the elk mounts in my neighbors house gave me the willeys and I didn't like eating meat. Now I am married to Clint who loves to hunt, our freezer is full of Elk meat and that is what we survive on(and I am thankful) and thanks to Clint we will be sporting a plaque in Trail's room with Turkey feathers. What I've learned is that elk meat is not that bad and actually has a LOT less fat than hamburger. I've learned to suck up that natural disquist to dead animals and put on a happy face for a happy husband. If you couldn't heard Clint's voice on the phone telling me of his AMAZING hunt and the smile he had on his face for that whole week, you could've put on a happy face too. I'm so proud of Clint! He says he is just being a provider for his family, but we all know that he hunts because it loves it and it is just a bonus to get meat out of it. =)

My Easter cuties...

Brielle was totally content to have candy for breakfast that day! She LOVES candy! It worked out to my advantage when she decided she wanted to potty train. It only took a few days of treats when she went potty and LOTS of praise and she was done. What a nice present for me!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't resist an after church picture. They are getting so big! I love that the girls match. They might not appreciate it when they get older but I love it!

We were totally blessed the week before Easter, a good friend brought by 2 Beautiful dresses and asked if I could help her take them. Her sister in law had bought them and they didn't fit the girls she had bought them for. Luckily for us they were PERFECT!!!!! Brinley says she wants a dress like that when she marries her friend Kyson.

We actually got them all smiling! What a feat! Those little faces brighten my day!