Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A whirlwind couple of weeks!

My Mom and Trail welcoming Brinley home after 4 night 5 days in the hospital!
We are all celebrating that these oxygen tanks are leaving our house!
My very pregnant belly and a sweet Brinley doing her breathing treatment (she could do it all by herself)
My Mom reading the kids books. She read one story over and over while she was here. (I still love to hear her read, one of my favorite memories as a kid-my kids are so lucky)
Brielle was so happy that her Brinley was home (she asked where she was every time I came home and when she woke up-they are so cute together)

The video says it all! We are feeling super blessed today that after RSV, pnuemonia, strep throat and an ear infection (which she got after she was in the hospital poor girl) Brinley is off oxygen! Her oxygen level was 98 today which is beyond amazing for us! Brinley survived, she was such a trooper. She took it all in stride and didn't complain. Today she did say, I really hope I can get off the oxygen today. The doctor said she could go back to school and so she wanted to go today right after her appointment. The kids were so excited and bunch of them told me they would help take care of her. One little girl told me I was really big pregnant and needed to have the baby. I feel the same way! Kids say the darndest things!

We are so blessed to have amazing friends and family that have helped out. Clint's parents came and when they left my Mom made the 8 hour drive to help. We have amazing parents!!!! Out life would've been much more stressful without them. Brielle and Trail love having them here and it helped them cope with the crazy couple of weeks we have had. Luckily we aren't contagious and don't have to live in a bubble anymore. We are looking forward to a healthy summer and a sweet new baby girl in the next month!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Sick Girls, Pnuemonia RSV and Strep

Brinley thought this looked like a cast. The nurse who put in her IV was so awesome that Brinley says it was fun getting an IV! Crazy girl!
Meeting through the window! Super cute!
Oh, breathing treatments are fun with a 2 year old! I don't recommend it!
Brinley enjoying the AWESOME coloring book her Aunt Alisa brought her, such a boredom buster!
Trail wishing he had a loose tooth also.
Her first lost tooth! It was hanging on by a string and she could do some pretty crazy stuff, but she was so happy when it came out she couldn't stop looking in the mirror and jumping around!
Brielle has been insisting Clint to do her hair lately, so cute!

What an adventure this week has been. Both of my girls have been super sick. Brinley is in the hospital with pnuemonia, RSV and strep throat and has been since Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers to bring her home today, but you just never know. We were blessed that Brielle's oxygen level was two points above where they would hospital her, so we just had to bring her home on breathing treatments. Trail luckily has been fine! Clint has been a trooper and stayed at the hospital and thanks to working all night Wednesday night he is going on 3 nights without sleeping. He is a sweet husband and wants me to get my rest. The kids are missing Brinley, but luckily her room has an outside window, so they could at least see her and talk through the window. I'll have to remind them of how much they missed her when they are fighting in a few days. We were blessed that Clint's parents were able to come help which is a HUGE relief! My Mom is wishing she lived close enough too. Poor Grandma! We are so thankful for modern medicine, it that has helped Brinley improve! I am sitting at 7 weeks today until our sweet new baby will be born, I'm just thankful we have a little while to recover before we bring her home. Here's to a health new month!!! And don't worry I am quarantining our family and have been from normal life for awhile, so we don't spread this lovely junk! That is one thing I am NOT willing to share!