Saturday, May 30, 2009

Watching the grass grow!!!

When we bought our house the yard was ridiculous!!!!!!! From what our neighbors say nothing had been done with it for 10 years! Luckily Clint saw some potential because I wasn't quite sure! After 2 years we have been able to make A LOT of progress!!! Last year we planted half of the backyard in grass and this year we finished planting the rest, thanks to lots of wonderful friends who equipped us with all of the goods to get it done! What would we do without so many wonderful friends!!! It is always fun to watch it grow. One Sunday I was sitting outside with the kids and I noticed a green hue on the ground. I had to take a closer look, but sure enough after only a few weeks and some awesome rain it was coming in. It has only been a month and look how awesome it looks! We are so thankful to have a fun place for the kids to run and explore. Thanks to another generous friend I now have a swing to sit and enjoy the backyard on!!! We have been loving summer, ice cream cones, popsicles, dirty faces and bathtime!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A trip to Grandma's...

Me with My Grandma Beaz
Four generations, My mom Celinda, Me, my Grandma, Trail and Brinley
At the Zoo in Idaho Falls, ID, they kids were mesmerized by all of the animals! Good idea Dad!
Papa giving Brinley a better look at the Tiger
(So this picture is random, I couldn't delete this once I put it in)
Of course Trail had to get a closer look too! Thank goodness for Grandma & Papa!

The kids and I meet my parents in Pocatello, ID and headed to Eastern Idaho for a wedding. I hadn't seen my Grandma Stone for a long time and thought it would be a great opportunity to see her too. The kids love being with Grandma & Papa, probably for the fact they get SPOILED!!! (I won't lie, they spoil me to, and yes I am the youngest!!) We stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool one night and the kids loved that! Then we went to a wedding in the Rexburg Temple (Wow, it is gorgeous) Then we stayed with my Grandma in St. Anthony for a few days! It was the first time she had seen Trail and she kept saying she wanted to keep him. When I went to Ricks College I grew really close to my Grandma & Grandpa Stone, they took really good care of me and let me do my laundry when I would go up once a week. Those are treasured memories, especially since my Grandpa passed away the summer that I left Ricks. Family is so important!!! I am so thankful for my family! The kids love spending time with them. My Mom has always been my best friend!!! She is always good at listening to me and knows what I need! Thanks for being such a good Mom! Living so far away from home can be difficult, but thanks to the wonderful Verizon Family Share Plan that keeps us in touch and any opportunities we to get to be together is special and something to definitely look forward to!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mowing the lawn with Dad

I couldn't pass up on this Kodak moment. My sister gave Trail a lawn mower for his birthday so I thought he would like to be Dad's shadow when he was mowing the lawn. He loved it! Brinley had to get in on it to. She "mowed" the whole time he did our front yard. She was super excited when they were done because she had helped. She thought she was really mowed the lawn! I love watching them! They are getting so creative! A couple nights ago we were playing in her room before bed. I had just switched their toys (I put some on vacation then switch them a couple months later. It is a great trick, they have been exploring the toys a lot more than normal since I switched.) so she was playing with some puppets. One happened to be a cowboy we named, Cowboy Joe. When I went to put her to bed she said, "Mom, Cowboy Joe needs a drink too." It is amazing to watch their creativity flow! They are loving to feel my belly right now. Brinley is positive it is a girl!! I tell her there is a chance it could be a boy and she says, "No, I want it to be a girl." We will see how that turns out! It has been super fun and nerve racking at the same time to not know what we are having! I just keep thinking that it will add a new element of surprise to the whole delivery! We will let you know!