Friday, February 27, 2009

"Dad I got my hair cut"

Nothing like a 3 year old telling on you. The other day I realized it was finally time to trim Brinley's hair. I haven't every cut it. She has gorgeous hair! Clint didn't want me to touch her hair, so I have waited, then the other night while he was at Mutual (he just got called into the Young Men's, he is super excited because he gets to help the boys earn their Eagle Scout awards) I got the urge and trimmed her hair. It was down to her waist, but it looks so cute now! Clint came in that night and didn't notice. Then the next morning Brinley ran into our room and said, "Dad I got my haircut" She gave me up! He wasn't too mad though! Brinley isn't the best at smiling for the camera, I usually catch her talking. I did get a few pictures of her cute hair! She is so beautiful! I look at her and think - I have been blessed with such a beautiful daughter inside and out! Today I told her she was cute. She told me, "I"m not cute" I said, "You are beautiful" she said, "No" then paused, "I'm Papa's (my dad) little sweetheart" They say the cutest things! I am so thankful for our 2 kids, they are such a blessing and joy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Potty Training Trail!!!!!

We hopped on the Potty Training Train with Trail! I call it the Train because it is a quite a ride! But worth every diaper I don't have to change or buy! He is pretty young, but he loved sitting on the toilet and being a big boy, so after getting up the courage we started. I think a lot of it was also that I was so sad, I wanted him to still be my baby, but he is growing up. He has done really well, but we are still working on it! I am very proud of him! Most of our time the past couple of weeks have been spent in the bathroom. I couldn't help but take some pictures! Trail loved putting underwear on his head and running around with his big boy undies on! He is so cute! These pictures were too cute to keep to myself! Hope they give you a good laugh!!!

Salt Lake with Grandma & Papa

My parents came down to Salt Lake to go to a Jazz game so we decided to head down to see them while they were so close. Brinley was so excited to go to Salt Lake to see them! We had a great time! We stayed at a hotel, Trail loved exploring it, he loved the mirror and kept kissing his image. Super cute!! We spent a lot of time at Temple Square and had some really neat experiences. Brinley tried going under the ropes of the Christus. She was so upset because she wanted to give Jesus a hug. What a precious girl! We walked out one day and Clint said wow it is noisy! There is such a amazing difference after you walk out the doors of Temple Square. They are doing TONS of construction right across the street, it always amazes me that you can't hear noise inside of Temple Square. It is such a peaceful place!!! We did a little shopping too, but the most important thing was spending time as a family. Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful time!!!! It is always great to be together!!!

Brinley is 3!!!!

I can't believe that Brinley is 3, it seems so much older than 2. I got out the video from when she was born and teared up remembering how special that day was. Looking back Clint and I were so young, it is amazing how much we have grown since that day! Brinley is such a blessing in our life! She is learning and saying so much! A few of my favorite things she has said lately are, "We're best friends huh Mom?" "I have an idea...." "Mom I'm helping remind Trail not to poop his pants." "Let's go back to the Hoytel" She is such a Joy in our life! We are so thankful for her! She shares a birthday with Mark Kremin one of our good friends. All day on her birthday we would say, "Who's birthday is it?" She would quickly reply, "It's Mark's" She loved helping decorate her Princess birthday cake and playing with her friends that came to her party. Wow, we have a 3 year old!