Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh no, he's walking!!!

Trail has finally decided to walk!!!! I'm am so excited, but with that also comes a lot more work, right? He is into everything. He figured out how to move our kitchen chairs and climb up on the table. He can rearrange my cupboards, oh so fun! I feel like I'm constantly keeping him out of things! It's quite exhausting. It is so sad when they start walking because they aren't a baby anymore! He is such a fun little boy though! Nothing compares to having him walk to me smiling the whole way! He will stand up and start clapping! He is pretty excited that he is figuring out this walking stuff, for a while I think he thought, I can crawl faster than that walking stuff! We just spent some time in Pleasant Grove and I'm sure that watching his cousin, Skye (she is 10 days older) walking around (she just started walking) helped him along the way to walking. Thanks Skye! Trail has the best laugh and is oh so cute! Last night he put on the football helmet and was walking around. He will run into walls with it on! I guess he realizes he needs some extra protection! I couldn't pass up on pictures of this! He is definitely a Sampson Boy! Brinley is a little jealous with all of the attention to Trail walking. She will say, Mom, help me walk! She is a good sister and loves Trail! Every morning she gives him loves before me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

TAG --- Quirks of Mine

I'm supposed to name 6 quirks of mine. It has actually taken me a few days to think of some. It has actually been fun to pick them out of my daily life. It has made me realize that these random things make me unique, which is always nice to feel unique when you feel like sometimes you are just a boring Mom! So here goes...

1 - Holding hands... I remember telling Clint when we were on one of our first dates that my hand had to be behind his. I get the chills thinking of holding hands the other way. I know it is random, but it's me.

2 - Crunchies on the floor... I can't stand stepping on little (crunchies - I don't know what else to call them) on the kitchen floor. If it is too bad and I don't have the time to sweep, I will put my shoes on. Hence the fact that I have been sweeping 3+ times a day. Along with this I can't stand to have dusty feet! Yuck!

3 - Fuzzies in my socks... If I put socks on and they have fuzzies in them, yes I have to take them off and empty them even if my shoes are already on.

4 - Pants of first... I guess I just have the habit, but I have to put my pants on first and then my shirt.

5 - Unplug the blowdryer... I don't know if it is just a phobia, but I always have to unplug the blowdryer after I am done. I think I'm afraid of the kids pulling it down on them, I also worry about it using too much energy. Weird I know.

6 - Water on my toothbrush... I only now this because Clint pointed it out... I also put water on my toothbrush, then the toothpaste, then water again. Do you do that Mom? I think it is just habit, because I conciously try not to, but too much pulls me to do it.

I tag Tangi, Kari, Whitney and Jen.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random moments at the Sampson House

These are just some random pictures I have taken lately and wanted to share. We did our first garden this year! It has been so exciting to watch things grow (even though the weeds grew along with our plants) They kids were big helps in tasting it as fast as we picked it. If Trail had his way he would've taken a bite out of every cob, just to make sure they were all good. It is nice to have lots of jars and freezer bags of garden goodness. I also had to post the cute picture of the kids ready for church! I didn't think Trail was going to have curly hair, but he does! Brinley and Trail are so fun!!! They keep life interesting that is for sure! After a long day I had the kids in the bath and pulled Trail out, he was reaching for a toy, but I though he couldn't get into the tub! Oh was I wrong! Then Brinley had to be funny and hop back in the tub with her towel! I had to find the humor and capture the Kodak moment for fear I would lose it!