Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow White and a 5 year old Birthday

Fun dress ups from Aunt Angie!!!! Perfect for a Snow White party. Brinley wanted to watch the movie for her party so we ran with it. Our good friends Kevin & Tori have a huge projection screen TV so they let us crash their house. The kids loved it! There was popcorn EVERYWHERE, but it was great. It was her first friend party and it was a BLAST!!!
Brinley wanted a pinata so we made our own, FYI they are super cheap and fun to make!!!!
Don't they look so sweet????
For Christmas my mother in law gave me the CUTEST cupcake book, so Brinley picked the owls!
Owl "pupcakes" as Brin calls them.
The birthday girl!!!!! I asked her he she could stay 4 and she said, "If I don't turn 5 then I can't go to school" I guess we will let her turn 5!!!!
My little Snow White girls waiting for the party to start!
I couldn't reset, this is Brielle's "ho-se" She LOVES it!!! All partied out!!!!
When I grew up the Birthday kid got to pick dinner. Brinley wanted Pizza, so we had a Pizza party!
Lots of fun girly presents!

I can't believe I have a 5 year old. She is such a good helper! She informed me this morning that 5 year old's can do the dishes all by themselves. (We'll see how that works out) She loves helping Mom and loving Brielle. They recently taught Brielle how to crawl out of her crib. She is super thoughtful and talks like a grown up. She loves to wear high heels and can even run in them. She can't wait to go to school and loves playing with friends. She is totally into Barbie's and anything Princess. She is always concerned when others are sad or hurt. She is so sweet! We have been so blessed to have her in our family!

Winter Wonderland!!!!!

Clint's long awaited T-shirt blanket!!!!
Brin & Trail enjoying the Leapster's that Grandma and Grandpa Sampson gave them!
A girl cousins sleepover, Rebecca, Abie, Brinley and Sarah. They were like sardines! Memories!
After Christmas Celebration at Papa and Grandma Winters'Our normal family Christmas pic, with Dad in uniform. We are lucky we can enjoy time together
Our little crew, happy as can be on Christmas day!

One of Brielle's favorite toys from Santa
Brielle was one of Santa's little elf
Trail is a pure boy!!!!!
Brinley loved Santa this year!

This Christmas we were so blessed!! Someone decided to do Secret Santa for our family. They went above and beyond and this year we ALL BELIEVE in Santa. We will never forget this Christmas! It was a HUGE reminder that there is still so much good in this world! We are so thankful that we were able to go to Meridian and see my family and enjoy New Year's and a Baby blessing for my sister's new baby. This Christmas I learned that as long as you have family surrounding you we don't need to stress about what is under your tree!!!! We were able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas! What a blessing!!!! I hope you all had such blessings as well!