Friday, August 13, 2010

New look for the mother of 3

the closest picture it was like (yesterday)
Feeling like a new woman

My cute niece Rebecca came and is a huge helper!

Today was Trail's 3rd birthday! Wow has time flown! I will post pictures of the festivities later. But with my Mom in town I got brave and chopped my hair! I needed a pick me up, something to make me feel cute! I need that as a Mom often! Hope you like it!!! It is totally different than anything I've ever done. Thanks to my friend Jamie, it's awesome to have a friend who does hair!!! Brinley did the double take when she first saw me and gave me her stamp of approval. (They are brutally honest sometimes, so I know she isn't lying)

Friday, August 6, 2010

July went out with a bang....

I thought Brinley was sleeping, but she was hiding from the people who were going to poke her.
A very sick, tired Brinley - I think it was around 3am. Gotta love the ER!

A traumatized Brinley - she had blood drawn out of both arms and an IV. Poor girl!
Feeling better- thankfully!

A happy girl ready to go home!
The day before taking a shot as a firewoman at the fair
Silly Brielle!!!
Back to my princess a few days after being released from the hospital!
Trail giving Anika a romantic horse ride. He turned around and kissed her right after this. =)
This one is for my Mom, she loves pictures like this!
11 months old - they jury is still out on her eye color!!!
Clint & I celebrated 7 years - wow how life has changed!!!

Swimming at the Kremin's on the 4th
Fireworks with the Moon's, I love this picture of Brinley and Makinley
Cute pigtail while they laster
Clint has thought for a while that it would be fun to have a float in the parade, so beings the DWR's big theme is Take your kids fishing, we thought this would be perfect. The kids were "fishing" and handing out fishing bobbers. We didn't get anyone yelling at us so I was happy about that!

July has been a very busy month!!! Clint broke his arm the end of June, the 4th - Clint's birthday- our anniversary and much more. The kids are loving being about to play and swim outside! Brielle is getting close to walking and loves to eat sand by the handfuls.

Trail loves doing boy things and begs Clint to take him to work all the time! Clint felt so bad the other day when he had gone to his room, got his boots and camo hat on and was ready to go. Poor kid, hard lessons to learn.

Brinley is a sweetheart and a huge helper. She loves sunbeams and can't wait to go to school (even though she has another year) She gave us a good scare as you can see by the pictures. July 31st she woke up not feeling well and by the afternoon she was NOT well. I debated whether to take her in and decided to wait it out. By 8pm she had been asleep most of the day and was hard to wake up. She had a temp of 100.5 and was breathing really fast. After much debate and urging from our friends I took her in. (Clint was on the mountain taking a trailer up for Scout camp this week) After waiting forever I thought it was probably nothing and I should just tell them never mind. When the doctor finally came in he found out very quickly she had a double ear infection. Then he listened to her lungs and said, That sounds interesting (Clint always says "It's never good to be interesting to a Doctor" He asked if she had asthma and sent us off for an xray and labs to check for RSV and the Flu. (That is when you are grateful you followed that motherly instinct) After a while we had the news - She had PNEUMONIA. (Yes you can get it in the summer) They called the pediatrician and when she came in she thought she would be able to go home, until they checked her oxygen levels. They were too low and she got admitted. It was pretty scary to have my 4 year old in the hospital, but we were blessed that after 2 nights she was released and she is doing well. I knew a few days later when she was running laps around me that she was all better!!! Sometimes we need little reminders how precious our little ones are and that nothing is more important than spending time with them!!!! It was a precious bonding time for the 2 of us! And although I tried to make it exciting and not scary it tore my heart out when they had to poke her. She did keep telling me though, "Mom, I love you" what a blessing to comfort her!!! Gave me more respect for the times my Mom has been there for me!!!

I'm looking forward to an uneventful August except Trail and Brielle's birthdays of course!!! And a visit from Grandma Winters and cousin Rebecca.