Thursday, April 29, 2010

Horses, teeth, on the move, snow in April...what's next?

It's been busy around the Sampson house lately. Little Miss Brielle has two teeth and is on the move. She has the army crawl down. If they made a vacuum as good as she is I would buy it in a heartbeat. She will get whatever I miss.

This morning I woke up to Clint saying, "You'll never believe what is outside" About 4 inches of SNOW. It had Brinley asking, "When's Santa coming? I miss him" Luckily it's almost melted! Nothing much about the weather surprises me about Vernal. I'm looking forward to planting flowers and getting the garden producing.

The kids love Dollar the horse and had been asking to ride him for a long time. Clint was getting ready for a ride so he brought him down the road to test him out. The kids loved riding with Clint and are still asking to ride him. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area! Bring on the summer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring time and a wedding

Brinley & Abie enjoying cartoons!
My cute sister Angie and her son Jaxsin (Brielle loves touching faces)
Brinley looking up to her cousin Abie
Little Miss Brielle 7 months old
Brielle's alfalfa hair. She has one long piece in the back, so cute!
Sharlie, Brinley and Skye
All the Sampson grandkids with Westin and Jessica
The best family picture we could get.
Brinley dancing with Uncle Bryan
A happy boy on Easter morning
Trail and Lincoln playing football

Life has been busy as always in the Sampson house! Clint's little brother Westin just got married. It was beautiful! Easter was that same weekend so we had fun with all of the cousins. Trail really wanted a baseball bat, hence the super smile. Brinley loved being a flower girl and dancing with her Uncle Bryan at the wedding. Brielle is starting the army crawl and can roll wherever she wants. I'm so thankful for our families and that we have had time recently to spend time with each of them!