Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring is on it's way to Vernal

Brielle and Trail collided, luckily she didn't get a black eye! I love those cheeks!!!
The boys hangin' in the backyard doing boy stuff!
Don't they look guilty! Kids and markers don't mix, luckily they were washable.

The kids going to check the cows and calves! Our friend Kevin was brave to take them.
My little ray of sunshine! How can you not smile at that?
Brinley posing for a picture all by herself!
Wow she is getting way too big!
Trail was so proud of his pretzel sandwich!

Today I was able to go to an amazing Women's Conference with Hilary Weeks (an amazing singer, songwriter) She is so inspirational! She poked fun at all the crazy things mother deal with on a daily basis. I'm just grateful that other people get down with all the laundry and dishes that get so mundane. It was great to go with good friends and have a girl's day out! When I came home and saw there were dishes to unload from the dishwasher, my first reaction was, "I'll wait til later." Then feeling inspired from earlier I decided to try to make it exciting and timed myself. The kids got into it and kept saying go faster Mom and Trail tried helping. You should try it! It was actually fun unloading the dishwasher and it only took me about 4 minutes. And although I still have lots of laundry to do, I have realized I need to be grateful for the laundry because that means that I have children and a husband to get them dirty and a washer and dryer to help me. It really is a blessing to have a family! It sure makes me more thankful for my Mom! She is an amazing woman! She has been helping me be so optimistic lately! Thanks Mom!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Growing kids and winter fun

Look at those piggy toes....
Enjoying our Traditional Valentine's Dinner (Clint is an amazing cook)

"Mom, Mom, Mom" is the amazing sound I am listening to right now. Our sweet Brielle's first word was Mom. Whether she knows what she is saying or not is another story. But it is sweet! She is 6 months, she can get where she wants by rolling, laughs, blows bubbles and is totally a Mama's girl. Which I love!!! Although we are ready for the winter to be over (it doesn't seem close when we got more snow last night), the kids have had fun going ice fishing with Clint. He is so good to take them and he captured some awesome pictures! It's been nice to have some time to just Brielle and I. Clint has also enjoyed fishing lately. He got bit by the lake trout bug and has enjoyed smoking the fish too. Which to the surprise of my family, I LOVE. It is super yummy! I've been busy with my new calling and wishing for warm days! Clint even gave me some time to myself the other day to scrapbook. I LOVED it! Here's hoping for sunshine and green grass!