Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Miss Brinley turned 4

(This is Morris the Moose, our kids get their picture with him every month for the first year of their life and every month after so fun to watch them grow. He was the one hiding my ring when Clint proposed, he is super special)

My Brinley turned 4!!!! I love their birthdays because it gives me time to reflect on when they were born and how exciting it was! Especially with Brinley because I became a Mom for the first time! What a miracle! She has grown so much! It seems like she has just hit a growth spurt, she grew out of a bunch of clothes. She is such a beautiful girl! She is very kind when she sees someone else that is sad or hurt. Clint says girls are so emotional! True! Poor girl got her mother's emotions! I see myself in her often as far as that goes and I just sit back and laugh at how I must seem to others when I am emotional. Good thing Clint has a son to outweigh all the girl hormones floating around our house!!! Brinley can be fiesty if she wants to be though! I guess it is good to be well-balanced!

She loves Ariel and after a little wavering she finally decided to have an Ariel party! It was so fun to celebrate with family and friends!