Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma's love pictures....

Grandma was begging for some updated pictures of Brielle, so this is for you Mom!!! I heard the kids laughing the other day and went to see what they were up to, I went in to find Brinley "making Trail's hair handsome" by putting shampoo in his hair, but it also got all over the floor of the tub and they were sliding all over the place. Listening to my kids laugh is one of my favorite things! We laughed and they got an early bath that day! Brielle has been so fun! She has been such a good baby and doesn't complain too much when she is mauled by Brinley and Trail. Life with 3 kids is an adjustment, but I am enjoying our little ones!

Our Heritage

Not long after Brielle was born, Clint's Grandma Denton passed away. She was an amazing woman. She always told Clint not to mourn when she passed away because she would be with her husband. She left a heritage of hard work and faith. She was one of the most optimistic people I have ever met. She had 11 kids, 43 grandkids and Brielle made 60 great
grandchildren, but whenever you talked to her she was so excited and happy to hear what was going on in your life. She showed so much interest in our lives! We are so thankful for her example! Although it wasn't the best of circumstances it is always good to be surrounded by family. She left quite a posterity behind!
Some explanation-(All of the people trying to get the great grandkids to smile scared Trail - hence I was in all of the pictures too. And for my own peace of mind, no I was not pregnant in the pictures but Brielle was only a week and a half old. Someone asked me once if your belly goes down right when they are born. Don't we all wish that was true????)