Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Any frazzled mothers out there?

What can I say, I'm a frazzled Mom sometimes(more than I would like to admit) I have friends that seem to have it all together. Sunday church was one of those WILD days. The kids all wanted to be RIGHT by me. (As my Dad says they were in my bubble) Clint was working which always adds a little stress. Then Primary presented a whole new excitement when we had a RUNNER. Imagine me chasing down the hall after a 5 year old who was full speed ahead. Oh don't worry people just sat talking, oblivious that it wasn't part of primary or something. I finally yelled, stop her please. She was captured and back to Primary we went. The joys of being in Primary. I'm sure it was HILARIOUS and I laugh just thinking about it. The best part is that she knows I mean business now and she sat in her seat the rest of Primary.

The other day I went to make a 6 month checkup for Taylee and they said ok, when will she be 6 months? I said, "On the 25th" The lady kindly said, "Today is the 25th." Poor 4th child! I had totally forgotten.

Life has been so chaotic trying to sell our house, keep it clean to show (no small feat with lots of little feet running around here) packing, and getting things ready to start building our new home. My body reminded me that we have to rest though or we will get sick. And sick I got! I listened to Julie B Beck once and she said no one can go full speed all the time. It is so true! So yesterday I went out with Trail and had fun the 2 of us, that was great medicine! I love that precious little boy! He is always good to remind me he loves me and thinks I'm pretty!  Love my crazy life!

Happy Halloween to all!

               A blast from the past, we went to the Maize, my first job was at a Maize! Life has changed!

 The kids spent a lot of time in this shed of corn, what a great idea!
 Jumping into the leaves, so much fun!
         My cute 1st grader ready for school!